Published May 23, 2012 in the Toronto Sun

TORONTO – There are two men who define the purity of grill and barbecue cooking, and they’re both Canadians, both incredibly talented — and both really nice guys.

Rob Rainford and Ted Reader are the faces of Canadian outdoor cooking — Rainford is an award-winning chef and host of Licence to Grill (LTG) on Food Network Canada, Discovery Home in the U.S. and Asian Food Channel across Asia. He’s also a culinary instructor and cookbook author. Ted Reader is also an award-winning chef, teacher and food entertainer with more than a dozen cookbooks, food products, TV and radio cooking shows and appearances, not to mention his own catering company.

They’re mighty dynamic in their own right, and when they team up, it’s like a year’s worth of celebrations all rolled into one. I should know, I’ve spent time with them both (following Reader to New York City several years ago when he created a barbecue bonanza at the famous James Beard Foundation), participated in culinary events with Rainford, and happily munched the mouth-watering treats created by both of these giants within Canada’s culinary landscape.

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